Sirius PRO

High accuracy unmanned aerial mapping and modelling

Simple, lightweight, low-cost and robust solution for creating aerial maps and digital terrain models.

Accurate aerial mapping with pre-planned flights

Wirelessly transfer customised flight-plans to the Sirius PRO from the intuitive desktop software, and hand launch the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and relax!

  • Automatic flight planning
  • Simple hand launch & autopilot assisted manual control
  • High accuracy GNSS RTK mapping eliminates the need for GCP’s
  • Fully operational up to wind speeds of 50km/h and gusts of 65 km/h
  • High resolution 16MP Fuji X-M1 camera payload
  • Advanced post-processing and evaluation software

Aerial Photogrammetry without GCP's

Having no need for ground control point establishment and positioning can save up to 50% of total project time … the Sirius PRO's onboard GNSS RTK provides accurate real time positioning of the UAS, so image capture location is known instantly.

Post processing is simple … wirelessly export images to the one-click software to create DTMs and orthophotos, basic measurements, overlays, 3D models for cut and fill analysis, even as-built design comparisons.


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