LN-100 Layout Navigator

One-touch ease-of-use BIM layout tool

The innovative LN-100 is a compact, user-friendly setting-out system for BIM and general infrastructure projects.

Fusion of laser and robotic technologies create a perfect
setting-out device

Stripping away all unnecessary complexity, the LN-100 Layout Navigator strives to make all BIM (Building Information Modelling) setting-out tasks as simple for the user as possible … and succeeds!

• 3D layout tool with single-person operation
• Easy one-button setup
• Simple setup self-levelling
• Wireless, license free operation
• Android smartphone or tablet control

Reinventing Layout

Our LN-100 strips away complexity to deliver an easy-to-use tool dedicated to BIM and other layout tasks. It utilises proven Topcon laser and robotic total station technologies to create a totally new tool that’s easy to use, without sacrificing the accuracy and versatility most BIM projects demand.

It's so easy to use ... simply take a prism and Android smartphone controller anywhere within the layout zone and get precise horizontal dimensions and vertical elevations measured anywhere in that zone. With no telescope to look through, the LN-100 can be mounted anywhere that's convenient on site using our range of additional accessories.


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